Successful Blogging: How to Be the Best

Successful Blogging: How to Be the Best

Blogging is sometimes a personal hobby but, oftentimes, it’s serious competition. You’re trying to make your Weblog the most visible among all the ones that deal with your area of interest, which requires work and dedication. These tips will help you turn that corner and make your Internet home a popular place visitors want to revisit often.

Pick a Great Site Name
Blogs can be re-named if you didn’t get that right the first try; check the settings section on the blogging service or software you’re using. A boring, generic name doesn’t stick in visitors’ heads, but something catchy and smart will keep them coming back.

Make Your Blog User Friendly
Clutter is a turn-off; if people have to scroll through obnoxious elements to get to what they want, they’ll look somewhere else. Make sure your blog is clean, easy to navigate, and appeals to a wide range of readers. They’ll keep coming back if they have good user experiences.

Pick One or Two Themes/Subjects
A personal blog, which is interesting only to people who know you, can focus on many topics. To get lots of followers, which leads to popularity (and, in many cases, advertising dollars), you need to narrow your focus. People who visit your site for your entries about being a home baker aren’t likely to show much interest in posts about other subjects, like your pets or your exercise regimen.

Consistency is Key
If readers expect you to post twice a week, you need to post–you guessed it–twice a week. Blogging services let you schedule posts in advance so, when you have lots of good ideas, you can “write ahead” in anticipation of the occasional dry spell that most writers/bloggers experience. Stick to the schedule and readers, whether they subscribe to notifications of new posts or not, will check back on those days, at those times, to see what you’ve posted.

Quality Matters
Produce top-quality content–the very best you can create–all the time. This may mean cutting back your posting schedule: for example, going from two posts a week to one. That’s okay, though, because most visitors would rather see one solid post than two mediocre ones. Give people the best experiences and they’ll visit your site before they go somewhere else for similar information.

This also means that, to attract followers, your content must be original. Boosting another person’s writing, artwork, or other creation is only going to harm your search-engine results and reputation among people who share the interest you’re blogging about. It’s best to create fresh, new content from your original perspective.

Be Different
So you love the one or two subjects you blog about. What sets your site apart? Your expertise? Your perspective? Your life experiences? Check out your competition and see what you do differently. That may be the unique angle you need to attract, and keep, readers. Maybe you’re one of few knitters who was in the military and made scarves while you were deployed? That’s certainly an angle worth considering.

Keep Up with Trends
Today’s advice may be different from tomorrow’s. Which social-media accounts should you link your blog to? Which search engines are the most popular, and how do they index/rank your content? How do visitors want you to interact with them, if they want that in the first place? These things change regularly, so stay on top of industry news, and keep in touch with your visitors, to make sure you’re offering only the best.

Successful bloggers are devoted to the craft. If that’s you, the aforementioned tips will give you advantages. Be aware, however, that success is not immediate; keep the day job while you work on the blog so that you can maximize your opportunities.

By Sarah Marie

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