How to Avoid Financial Scams When Dating

How to Avoid Financial Scams When Dating

The online world has made dating and meeting people a lot easier. Instead of spending hours in a dingy bar, men and women can simply log on to their favorite dating sites and scan through dozens of potential matches. But while online dating has opened up new possibilities, it has also introduced some new dangers. From the threat of hooking up with a sexual predator to the risk that your new love is after your money instead of your love, there are plenty of reasons to keep your guard up when looking for love.

Of course, some of those precautions apply no matter how you met your current dating partner. Even if you meet at work or church, there is always the risk that the people you date are not what they appear. It is always important to do your own homework and listen to your intuition.

Fortunately, it has never been easier to check out your potential dating partners and protect yourself from predators. Something as simple as scanning social media sites can tell you a lot, and a quick Google search may reveal even more. If you are really concerned about your safety, you can even hire a private detective to do a background check.

It is just as important to pay attention to the questions you are asked during those first few dates. While a few personal questions are nothing to worry about, watch out for people who want to know too much too soon. Also be on the lookout for questions that are often used to enhance online security – your date may be trolling for the information they need to break into your accounts and commit identity theft.

Questions like the name of your pet, where you went to high school and your mother’s last name are all common challenge question should all raise a red flag. Your date may just be curious, but you can never be too careful.

One way to protect yourself is make sure your challenge questions do not relate to anything a new dating partner is likely to ask. Go through the challenge questions you have created at your bank, brokerage firm and other sensitive sites and change them if necessary. Taking a proactive approach will allow you to let your guard down and enjoy your first date without worrying about ulterior motives.

Dating is already fraught with emotion. Taking a proactive approach to protecting your identity and financial life will give you one less thing to worry about. Whether you just started dating or are still looking for that special someone, taking steps to protect yourself is important in today’s world.  by beconrad

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