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Fitness & Beauty Influencers Can Earn 6 figures Per Post

Fitness & Beauty Influencers Can Earn 6 figures Per Post

Forbes magazine just released its first-ever “Top Influencers” list spotlighting those who’ve made major money off of social media. The debut ranking first looks at influencers in the beauty, fitness, and home spaces, but the list will be published quarterly and will cover fashion (coming in September), travel (coming in June), food (coming in December), and more.

The combined following of the 30 social media stars featured is 250 million. According to the report created with social insight platform Captiv8 and influencer analytics firm Traackr, if they have seven million subscribers or more on YouTube, vloggers could make up to $300,000 per post for a video partnership. Additionally, top influencers could make $187,000 per Facebook post, and $150,000 per Instagram post, now for the lower ” end of the spectrum–those who have 100,000 followers–you could make up to $5,000 per Instagram post.

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Do you ever see people on social media who seem like they don’t have a job? They post these amazing photos, whether it be traveling the world or cooking up a storm in the kitchen. How do they afford the life they’re living without a job? Are they just not posting about their real job because it’s too boring? Some of these social media users may, in fact, have a very boring job they don’t talk about online. But, for many other, posting is their job. Their job is a social media influencer and blogging and content creation is what they do. And, hey, you can be one too.

What Is A Social Media Influencer?
A social media influencer is a social network user who, through the use of thought leadership and content marketing, has established credibility in a specific niche or  industry. Social media influencers reach large, diverse and engaged audiences that value the influencers credibility, authenticity and passion and take action based on the social media influencer’s recommendations. Nowadays, micro influencers are some of the most sought-after social media influencers by brands. Micro influencers are social media influencers with modest follower counts but high engagement rates.

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How Cassie De Pecol Bankrolled Her Travels To Every Country In The World

How Cassie De Pecol Bankrolled Her Travels To Every Country In The World

Cassie De Pecol has given us major passport envy. The 27-year-old from Connecticut was the first woman to visit every single country in the world. (And, she did it in 18 months and 10 days, which also made her the fastest person to ever spin the globe.)

But if you have a hard enough time saving for a summer vacation to, say, Branson, Missouri, you’re probably wondering how exactly De Pecol funded her solo expedition of 196 sovereign countries. In a Facebook live video with Money, De Pecol gives an explanation of how she afforded the trip on, wait for it … a babysitter’s salary.

The trip cost her $111,000 total. She saved $10,000 from two babysitting jobs while taking some cost-saving measures in her budget. “I pretty much had to give up my social life,” she confesses.

She also found sponsors and investors to help fund her trip, doing a lot of legwork when it came to networking and drawing up pitches. She said she used Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps as an example for how to rally sponsors.

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14 Motivational Movies Based On True Stories

14 Motivational Movies Based On True Stories

Are you ready to be inspired? I have created a list of 14 inspirational and motivational movies based on true stories which may help you in introducing to the world’s most amazing people, who broke all the rules and lived on their own terms, people who never gave up and were pure genius.

1A Beautiful Mind (2001)

The movie tells a story about mathematics genius and Nobel laureate John Nash who struggle with the terrible illness of schizophrenia, which began to effect him while a student at Princeton in the early 1950s. He made a great discovery very early in his life and was about to be internationally recognized. But suddenly he gets on a path which takes him to a self-discovery journey, which is painful and harrowing.

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Real Self-Confidence

Real Self-Confidence

Would you like to have real self-confidence?  I’m talking about the kind of confidence that is rooted so deep it is literally unshakable.  I’m talking about the kind of confidence you see in a mother when she needs to protect her infant.  There’s no self-doubt or bashfulness.  Her actions flow from a place of certainty.  Emotions may be present, but they do not run the show.  Her mind remains resolutely focused on the goal.  You can’t pull rank on her and she doesn’t care how big you are or what kind of car you drive.

What if you could have that kind of confidence when you approach the dating scene?  Not the fierce part, but the confident, secure part.  That kind of confidence comes from knowing with certainty what you want.  That kind of certainty comes from having a solid plan and no hesitation to take action when you see the openings you know to look for.

Wouldn’t it feel great?  Wouldn’t you love to have an unshakable sense of purpose, identity and direction when it comes to meeting and interacting with men?  I’d like you to have that confidence and I have a few tips to move you in that direction.

Always start with you.

If you are absolutely sure of what you want, you won’t feel nervous about making relationship decisions.  The more certain you become about what you want in a relationship and a man, the more confidence you will feel about setting boundaries, asking for what you want, or pursuing someone who might or might not reciprocate your interest.

Embrace “Failure”

Letting go of fear becomes easier when you accept “failure” as a valuable strategy.    Dorothea Brande has been quoted for her famous statement on the best method to achieve success, “Act as though it is impossible to fail.”  Combine this with the wisdom of T.J. Watson, the president of IBM.  “Would you like the formula for success?” Watson asks. “Double your rate of failure.”

How can you succeed by failing more often?  Many successful people swear by this method.  If you are always cautious and terrified of mistakes, you don’t try much and you don’t learn much.  People who are willing to fail embrace it and lose their fear of taking action in the process.

When it comes to dating…you will fail some of the time.  The only way to be highly confident when dating is to accept failure as a part of the dating process.  Don’t think of setbacks and letdowns as something terrible that needs to be controlled at all costs.  Instead, embrace failure as something natural that is “okay.”  Embracing this simple shift in your belief system can dramatically increase your confidence.

Always Know Your BATNA

BATNA stands for “best alternative to negotiated agreement.”  It’s a concept that has been extremely useful to me in many different areas of my life.  Basically, it’s about forming an unshakable sense of certainty when negotiating for what you want.

I wish it wasn’t the case, but the unfortunate truth is men often need to be told how to behave in relationships.  It’s like we men are kind of wild.  We’re not tame beasts.  We can love passionately, but sometimes we need a woman to compassionately explain what is and what is not okay, and to do so with the kind of certainty and steady gaze that lets us know she’s telling us how it is rather than “discussing emotions.”

Imagine you go to your landlord to complain about the broken stairway railing.  Knowing your BATNA before you start the conversation gives you a tremendous advantage (and boosts your confidence).  Let’s say you have nowhere else to live and know you can’t afford the other rental options in town.  In that case, your best alternative to getting him to agree to fix that railing might be to ignore it for a while.

On the other hand, you may have plenty of options for other rental situations.  In that case, your BATNA is clear.  If, after negotiating for a few minutes, he does not agree to have it fixed on his dime by next Friday, you tell him you are moving out at the end of the month.  Suddenly you have the upper hand in the negotiation.  You can afford to push the issue, because if he doesn’t eventually agree, you can pull out your BATNA.  In this case, your BATNA is to threaten moving out, because you know it really is a better option to you than living with the broken banister.

In relationships, you should negotiate for what you want.  Do so in a way that gives full respect to the other person’s right to walk away from a relationship rather than agree to your terms.  When you know what you want in a relationship, you can talk about it openly.  When you have a BATNA about certain issues (like intimacy, moving in, commitment, or spending time together), you don’t have to agonize about, “What if he gets mad and leaves me.”  Your confidence is high when you already worked out in your mind that you would be better off looking for someone more compatible if he doesn’t agree on certain key issues that matter a lot to you.

Rely more on Attraction than Chasing

Most women have at least some degree of innate understanding of the factors that attract men.  But this article is about SUPER confidence, not mediocre confidence.  Let’s say you’ve realized that your choice of mate is THE MOST IMPORTANT life decision you can make.  Doesn’t that mean you should try to understand your man as deeply as possible?

The problem is that men are mysterious, even to themselves.  They often don’t understand their own emotions and desires.  This makes it rather difficult to know how to maximally attract them while sidestepping the landmines that can obliterate a relationship just when it was getting good.

If you’ll allow me to be so bold, I would like to invite you to try something interesting.  As a dating coach and a man with a mission to understand men’s reactions to women, I have discovered something very, very valuable.  It’s an organizing principle that seems to change the dating game for those who learn about it.  I call it the Respect Principle, and if you’d like to learn more about it, I’ve shared a free presentation on the topic.  Click here to see video. 

Confidence comes naturally to those who have a strong sense of certainty.  I want to support you as you develop confidence and the skills to attract quality men into your life.  In this article I’ve given you what I believe to be some of the most universally helpful tips for building confidence for dating.  Click here if you really want to take your confidence with men to the next level, spend a few more minutes to learn why the Respect Principle is something your man is deeply affected by, yet unable to put into words.   by James Bauer

Manage Your Time to Increase Business Development

Manage Your Time to Increase Business Development

When it comes to business development, proper time management is a must. Without this key component and discipline, both businesses and individuals are set up for failure. This article will focus on time management from the individual’s standpoint and outline some effective strategies for getting more done faster and with greater results and productivity.

First, one absolutely must prioritize goals. Prioritizing goals sets the stage for tasks being accomplished. In order to accomplish more in less time, it is critical to determine the order of importance of tasks. While this may sound simple in theory, it is seldom followed. The 80/20 rule applies. 80 percent of our productivity will be a direct result of 20 percent of our tasks. These are the tasks that must be prioritized. One can prioritize tasks on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Doing so on a daily basis will ensure that one is getting the most bang for the buck on a daily basis and always moving closer to his or her goals.

One must get in the habit of addressing the most difficult or daunting tasks first. Tasks can be like a throat culture-it’s not pleasant but sometimes must be done. By simply focusing and getting it done, however, one will find more often than not that the task wasn’t so bad. More importantly, completion of large or difficult tasks can build a great feeling of accomplishment and momentum that will spill over into the rest of the working day. This sense of accomplishment and seeing tangible results will create a sense of being unstoppable and will allow one to do even more. A simple way to do this is by creating an upside down task pyramid where tasks are listed from most important and difficult at the top to less important and difficult at the bottom. This is once again following the 80/20 rule. In order to achieve the best results and highest level of productivity possible, one must get into the habit of structuring their day in this manner.

One must be disciplined in follow through and execution. It’s one thing to list tasks and goals but another thing entirely to get them all done. Self-discipline is very important when it comes to time management. One must be willing to get into the nitty-gritty immediately upon beginning work. It is amazing how much time the average worker wastes spending time on breaks, getting coffee and chatting with co-workers. If one is able to eliminate these distractions, productivity is increased dramatically.

Time is a precious commodity. There is only so much in a work day, week and year. If you are trying to develop a business, make sure you acquire the necessary habits to use your time wisely and efficiently. Effective time management and execution can help you achieve your dreams and business development goals faster and with more success than you ever imagined!

Improve Your Productivity

Improve Your Productivity

Whether you work a 9-5 office job, are a stay-at-home mom, or a business owner chances are you are eager to find ways to get more done each day. There are so many distractions bombarding us throughout the day. Social media, television, email, and unexpected breaks and visitors can all impede productivity. This article outlines four ways that everyone can improve their productivity.

1. Create a schedule
A schedule can be very helpful in making sure you get things done. If you decide that every Wednesday is laundry day and every Monday you’ll vacuum, you won’t have to worry about when you’ll fit those mundane chores into your week. It doesn’t matter if you work inside or outside the home, finding the time to get chores done can be a struggle.  Scheduling can take the stress out of finding time for them.

2. Stop checking your email and social media
Constantly checking your social media and email is a bad habit that will suck hours out of your day if you allow it. Check your email and social media only a few times a day. Don’t leave them open all day because seeing them will cause you to constantly hit the refresh button. Check them, reply to anything that needs attention, and log-out until after you’re done. When you get into the habit of checking these things less often, you’ll find yourself with more time to do other things.

3. Stop feeling obligated
How many people have expectations of you that you just don’t want to fulfill? Just because other people have expectations of you doesn’t mean you have to play along. If someone expects you to be on the phone for two hours straight every afternoon, don’t answer the phone. You’re not obligated to talk to anyone. You might rather spend your lunch hour catching up on the book you’re reading. If someone is constantly asking you for favors they can do for themselves, learn to say “no.” Giving in to these expectations of others will suck up the little time you do have.

4. Create a to-do list
You can help yourself be more productive by creating a to-do each night. When you wake up each morning, you will know exactly what you have to do that day. Choose at least one very important task you need to accomplish that day along with a couple of smaller tasks. Don’t overwhelm yourself with an extremely long to-do list.

5. Stop trying to multitask
Very few people can multitask successfully, but don’t assume you can. It’s hard to divide your attention between two or more activities. If you’re working on the computer to finish something for work, turn off all chat messengers, close social media, and just focus on your work. You’ll finish it in quicker time than if you’re trying to chat with your friend at the same time.

6. Set your timer
Some things you occupy yourself with during the day can suck up more time than you intend if you’re not careful. When you chat with a friend online or on the phone, set your timer for fifteen or twenty minutes and then say you have to go. Have you ever stayed in a conversation long after it’s gotten boring? We have all done it. Even if the conversation is still interesting after twenty minutes, move on to something else. You don’t get things accomplished by talking on the phone for 90 minutes.

Getting things done is possible without rushing around all day or arming yourself with a ten foot long to-do list. Improving your productivity begins with prioritizing the way you spend your time. You don’t have to cut out fun or ignore your friends to be productive.

Three Ways to Make the Most of Life Right Now!

Three Ways to Make the Most of Life Right Now!

It doesn’t matter who you are, where you have been, or what you plan to do. It doesn’t matter what you have or don’t have. It only matters that you want to be happy here and now. You can achieve this without adding anything else to yourself or your repertoire of experiences.

Here’s how:

#1. If it’s in the past, leave it there:

Stop reliving those old moments, memories, and torn regrets. You are not them. If you can move forward successfully (most think they have, but fail to actually do so), then life is yours. Your experiences have served to bring you to the here and now, but they can only help you. They can only make you smarter and wiser.

Today is a new day. Enjoy a new smell, a new flavor, a new anything. Make big plans, or better yet, try to reinvent yourself.

#2. Reinvent yourself:

Take all of your love, all of your hate, and every other emotion and let them turn you into something greater. Just up and reinvent yourself. Change jobs. Change wardrobes. Fixate on different foods, drinks, and hobbies. Clean out your house from top to bottom. Spend your time differently. Change routines, and in so doing, find new ways to access the joys of others. You’ll appreciate this because it won’t be long doing it until you start to forget the old you and absorb your affections in totally new outlets. You will feel like – and be – a different person. The change can be so wonderful that it will scare you!

#3. Start today:

Don’t put off a thing. Don’t even wait until you finish reading this article. Resolve to forever move forward. As soon as you get up, you will approach life differently because the enemy has always been procrastination. The ugly head of waiting is what has always been a thorn in your side, and it always will be. This is true in every discipline and in every field of study or occupation. Strike. Attack. Lash out. Move. Don’t sit still! Don’t lose opportunities, for in so doing, you will someday find regrets.

What do you want to do? Write a book? Manage a grocery store? Become a firefighter or teacher? It doesn’t matter. Start on the journey of whatever is possible, taking satisfaction today in whatever you will be tomorrow. If the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, then the joy of arriving can (at least in part) be had the moment that first step is taken.

by Zach Henderson

5 Ways to Develop a Successful Mindset

5 Ways to Develop a Successful Mindset

5 Ways to Develop a Successful Mindset
By: James Austin

Success is something that everyone wants, but few seem to attain. However, when embarking on the competitive journey of business and entrepreneurship, it’s important be positive and persistent. There will be many changes along the way, and becoming successful is not an easy task. That’s why what you think is just as important as what you do. To help you get the most out of your business or career, here are five ways to develop a successful mindset.

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